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Guide to know about the compatibility tests

What is Compatibility?

Compatibility is nothing but the capability of existing or living together. Oil is not compatible with water in everyday life, but milk can be easily combined with water.

What is Compatibility Testing?

Compatibility Testing is a type of Software testing to check whether your software can run on different hardware, operating systems, applications, and network environments.

Types of Compatibility Tests

  • Hardware:
  • Operating Systems:
  • Software
  • Network
  • Browser
  • Devices
  • Versions of the software
  • Mobile

What should a testing team do before compatibility testing?

Before starting compatibility testing, a testing team needs to ensure the application is ready to test with the complete development of all the essential features.

What is backward compatibility testing in software testing?

Backward Compatibility Testing: Test the software or application on the old or previous versions. And different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. The application is compatible with different sizes such as RAM, hard disk, processor, graphic card, etc.

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Browser Stack – Multiple Browsers Testing: This tool assists a software engineer in evaluating an application across multiple browsers.

Operating System Compatibility for Virtual Desktops: This will be used to run the application as virtual servers across different operating systems. n A large number of technologies can be linked together and the results compared.

How to start compatibility tests?

The compatibility tests determine which environments or systems the application will be used. The tester must be familiar enough with the platforms, software, and hardware to comprehend how the users should behave in various configurations. Set up the testing environment with various platforms, devices, and networks to see if their application works well in various configurations. Make a bug report. Make the necessary adjustments.

Compatibility testing would be most commonly used to ensure that specific software works in various configurations. One such test is required to ensure that the software works in the client’s surroundings.

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