Global Marketer and Entrepreneur

A Profile Of Alexei Orlov

With experience in 30 years, 40 nations, and 50 brands, Alexei Orlovis an expert prepared in Global Marketing and International Business Leadership

The Founder And CEO

Alexei is the founder and CEO of mtm Decision worldwide, a specialized organization of talented specialists who transmit high-precision brand performance and media enhancement. Mtm’s decision is in agreement to end the second round of subsidies to help with extra top-tier acquisitions. Mtm recently finished its fourth place and is currently negotiating with several other specialty stores. Mtm expects to add two more specialized organizations to its portfolio before the end of 2019.

MTM Decision

The mtm decision is also creating 3 stages of exceptional serviceability, 2 of which will be on the market before 2019 closes. The organization benefits more than 150 local and global customers through its workplaces in New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan and soon to open Shanghai. Alexei Orlov was already a senior advisor to the CEO and president of DAS, a worldwide division of Omnicom. He also held the position of global CEO at RAPP, one of the largest CRM meetings in the universe.

CMO Of Volkswagen Group China

As CMO of Volkswagen Group China, Alexei Orlov was responsible for general advertising and brand localization for the Volkswagen Brands portfolio in Greater China and ASEAN. Alexei Orlov served in the office of advanced specialists worldwide, Wunderman for a long time as president (Europe), at that time as global COO, lastly, executive vice president (worldwide). He was also a Global Strategic Leader for WPP’s worldwide automotive business.

A Marketer And A Businessman

The Experience 

Before Wunderman, Alexei Orlovclaimed ROCQM and MCW, specialists in branding techniques. Previously, Alexei was Global Director of Brand Communications at Volvo Cars and Marketing Director at Volvo UK. Alexei was the youngest leader to be selected for a chief position at Avon, where he held the position of Director of Marketing for Avon Cosmetics Retail, Europe. He was also an established individual in the deeply fruitful Paperchase Retail Group.

Mix Blend

Alexei Orlov maintains a normal section at Psychology Today who dreams of navigating the advanced world. His most recent articles recall thoughts about how one can discover how to be grateful for even his most usual days, insights into what ease of use and reasonableness can look like in ordinary minutes, and considerations about how one might use torments from the past as building squares for a future. The totality of the pieces discovers several ends, but the excursion carried out is regularly something very similar. Orlov attracts his readers through personal accounts, accepting them by the hand while leading them to reflect on how he – and anyone who reads his work – can try to develop into better, more sensitive, and more insightful individuals.

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