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General tips for growing cabbage

As soon as thinking about the autumn gardening the first and foremost plant that comes to mind is the cabbage. This is a wonderfulcrop that is highly suitable for the autumn season. Since this vegetable is also tastier and since it is used in day to day cooking, many people tend to show interest in planning them in their garden. And obviously this is also the right choice fro their autumn garden. Handling this crop is something different from other crops. Hence the people who are about to plant cabbage for the first time can make use of the following tips.


The soil should be set ready before planting the cabbage. The cabbage will grow better if the soil pH is about 6.7 and cabbage is tasty autumn crop. It is more important to drag the organic matter before the planting.

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It is to be noted that for growing the cabbage, using the compost pit is more important. One must make sure that the compost pit should be well aged. In case, if the region is rainy, the supplement that is rich in nitrogen content should be provided to the soil. But once if the heads are out, the nitrogen supplements should be stopped.


Many people may be interested in growing the cabbage in container. In such case, they must make sure to use the right container. Even though cabbages can easily grow in container, it is more important to choose the container which is at least of eight inches in deep. The soil in the container should be kept moist and compost should also be used.

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